What’s your favorite thing about your new home?

“Honestly, everything! Wonderful neighborhood, great quality home, open and large floor plan, beautiful colors both inside and out – but most importantly, the team at Hartland Homes that truly cares about making our dreams come true!”

Anything else you’d like to share about your experience?

“Loved every second of the home building experience – my now fiancé and I have already talked about what we plan to build with our next house from Hartland Homes! “

-April R

We love our Hartland home! We worked with Carol throughout the building process. She was very helpful and always made sure we stayed up to date on the progress of the house. She made everything so simple for us and was great at making sure we were satisfied with our selections and upgrades. Even after closing she still checks in with us periodically to see if we have any questions or concerns. Its been two months since moving in and we still absolutely love our house. In the future if we decide to upgrade to another home we will definitely choose to build with Hartland again!

-Olga M

My husband and I chose Lea and Hartland Homes to build our first home. Lea is very organized and that comes through when you are going through the process of designing your home with her. We chose an existing blueprint and modified certain aspects of it, like a kitchen island and reconfigured master bath and closet, to fit our tastes and needs. Hartland gives you a pricing sheet which takes the guess work out of figuring how much tweaks and additions to their base models will cost, which we really appreciated. Her designer helped us pick out all of the finishes for our home and we were able to upgrade to granite counters in the bathrooms. Overall, building our house with Lea was as stress-free as building a house could be. She answered all of our questions promptly and we were able to take advantage of her years of experience when it came time to make decisions. I would highly recommend that anyone looking to build a home talk with Lea and see what makes her and Hartland so different from other builders out there. I know we are glad we did!

– Nichole M.

I have been in construction trade for over 25 years and have noticed no corners cut, everything, and every tradesman has done great!

– Mark P

The construction was very solid and exceeded my expectations. During the first year living in my home my impressions of the quality of the build was verified in my low energy bills.

 – Scott K

wonderful experience! We’ve heard horror stories about building but our process was seamless!

   -Molly C

The vendors were great! From the framers to electricians, plumbers, and concrete guys. They were very friendly, helpful, and had great ideas.

   -Shannon M

In November 2000 we built our first Hartland home. We were just married and wanted to get out of our apartment. Three children later we needed a bigger house. We were so happy that last five years with our home and the Hartland Homes staff, that we wanted to look into another one. We contacted a Sales Representative about their trade-in/trade-up program. He got us in touch with a realtor and then spent a lot of time with us designing our new 2-story house with everything we wanted. Building this house has been so much fun and the staff has been fantastic. It will be a long time before we outgrow this house. Thank you Hartland Homes.
– Donny and Julie S.

Why would we recommend Hartland Homes? My husband and I decided that we wanted Hartland Homes to build our house because of the great prices, locations, and the excellent workmanship. They also have great flexibility, styles, and options. They help you with picking what will work for you while also keeping it in the price range you are able to work with. The people who work for Hartland Homes give excellent service. If you have a question, they will find the answer. Why wouldn’t you want to pick Hartland Homes?
– Nick and Alicia A.

I looked at many houses before deciding to go with Hartland Homes. I met my Sales Representative at Timber Valley and was taken through several houses that were near completion. The keyword for me was “affordable” and he worked with me to find the model that best suited my needs. Everyone worked hard to turn that plan into the house I would later call home. I now have a well-built, energy-efficient, worry-free home that fits my budget and matches my life style.
– Lynda A.

We have purchased two homes from you over a 20-year period and have been very satisfied with both. We have now purchased another home from you approximately 1 ½ years ago. The agent was quite helpful in helping us design our home and obtaining financing at a very good rate. I think it says it all when just before our one year warranty was going to expire in our home; we were contacted by Hartland Homes and asked if there was anything to report regarding warranty work. We would and have recommended Hartland Homes. Our daughter built a home one year after us because we told her she would be very satisfied with you and she is.
– Grant and Janet S.

Stuck, tired, and broken dreams. These are the words that rushed through my mind when it came to owning a home. My wife and I had tried and tried with no luck. We just couldn’t rind the right place for the right money. That’s when I saw Hartland Homes in an ad and I thought I’d take a chance. I’m glad I did, they truly made the dream of owning a home a reality. Right when I walked into one of their model homes, I was greeted and helped right away. There was no pressure just good service. We looked at the model home and were very impressed with the craftsmanship and quality. The service we received from our agent was superb. She always kept us current on what was going on and always called to see if we needed any help. The personal home decorator was a great touch too, (especially for my wife). I would recommend Hartland Homes to any one of my friends or family, they truly can transform the thought of owning a home from a simple dream to a true reality. Thanks Hartland Homes.
Antonio D.

Our experience with Hartland Homes was exceptional. We were very pleased with the personal service that we received during this process. Our Sales Representative was very knowledgeable, friendly, and helpful. We built a fun and professional relationship during the four months of building. His number was on my speed dial for any questions that I had, day or night. It helped us achieve being a homeowner at a reasonable cost. We really enjoyed designing our home. The choices we had were excellent and watching the progress made the experience very real and exciting. I will continue to recommend Hartland Homes to anyone looking to build.
– Liza P.

Thank you Hartland Homes, particularly our Sales Representative, for a pleasant and exciting home building experience. She explained all terms so I, a first time home buyer, would understand. Her consideration throughout the process made it as smooth as possible. She validated my questions and concerns with efficient and thorough answers. She had a great team, the sales manager and construction superintendent, to clarify details. I felt confident that she and the other professionals at Hartland Homes were working together to build me the house I wanted and expected. Thank you!
– Jenna W.

My real estate agent, with her bubbly personality, has been a treat to work with. She has been extremely helpful in answering all of my questions. She does not pretend to have all of the answers but if it’s something she doesn’t know, she contacts the necessary experts and gets right back to me with the answer in a prompt and courteous manner. She is always pleasant and professional. It has also been a pleasure working with the Decorating Consultant. She has helped me select the electrical fixtures for the new house and advised me on color selections and other necessities required in a new home. I realize that just getting the necessary approvals to build a house is an involved process and that Hartland Homes tries to make that process as painless as possible for the buyer. I, like any other home buyer, am anxious to watch my house being constructed. It’s almost miraculous how quickly the landscape has changed. What was once an empty field is now a housing development with streets and many homes in various stages of completion. Just watching them put in my foundation and basement walls gave me a wonderful feeling of progress and I look forward to the days ahead, watching them build my house and future home.
– Robert J.

Although our home is still about a month from being completed, our experience has been eye opening. As a young newly married couple looking for our first true home together, Hartland Homes had just what we needed. Our sales agent has been a great help. She has answered all of our questions and kept us informed through the sometimes stressful process. She is always willing to do what she can to make our lives easier. We have also had the opportunity to work with your designer. She was very helpful and patient when she helped us choose our carpet and vinyl. We spent almost two hours at Carpetland trying to make decisions on color, cost and style. She never complained or rushed us. I also had the pleasure of meeting the framing crew that built our house. It is a great thing when you can actually walk onto the floor of a half-built new home and imagine what it will look like in the future. The guys were very kind and answered all of my questions. As a former employee of a much smaller community builder, I am impressed at the personal attention Hartland Homes has shown us. We are extremely excited about getting into our house and learning the joys of homeownership. Thank you for everything.
– Justin & Arica S.

As an architect, I’ve worked with many contractors, and I can honestly say that our experience with Hartland Homes was positive from beginning to end. From our first meeting to review their house types and land options to the final walk-through of our finished homes, our agent was always there to answer questions and provide guidance along the way. The length of time it took to build the home was incredibly short, and they were able to finish the construction when they said they would. My wife and I were also very satisfied with the interior and exterior finishes selection process, quality of construction and attention to detail.
– John & Lisa H.

Being very young and brand new newlyweds, we weren’t sure if we could afford a house. Hartland Homes opened up the opportunity for us to build a brand new, affordable home that included a new home warranty. We couldn’t have asked for a better Sales Representative! He was friendly, knowledgeable, and always available to answer our questions. Our experience with Hartland Homes was exceptional and definitely one we will never forget.
– Clayton and Amber E.

From the very first meeting and even after closing, our home buying experience has been extraordinary. We couldn’t have asked for a better sales agent. He was honest, personable and really wanted our first home buying experience to be memorable. We feel safe, secure, and pleased to be owners of a Hartland Home. Thank you for making our first house a “home.”
– K.T. & Kelly S.

I just wanted to send you a letter about how I feel about the Hartland Homes process. I contacted a Hartland Homes Sales Representative about homes that I saw him advertise on the TV Channel 2. I was drawn to the ad by seeing a house for 95K. I did not know that was a two bedroom so I went to talk with him and he showed me the kind of house I was looking for. We decided to try for a house that was 150K. I would recommend to anyone looking for a new house to check out what Hartland Homes has to offer. They are great people to work with.
– Ronnie B.

A few months ago my husband and I set out to purchase our first home. We started out going to open houses and checking the online listings for existing homes. After an exhaustive search we came to the conclusion that everything we felt was in our price range was either too small or needed too much restoration. The thought of building a house as our first home had never really crossed our minds as we figured that it would be out of our price range. One Saturday afternoon, when browsing the local newspaper classified ads, I came across an ad for Hartland Homes advertising homes starting below $100,000. Like most, we figured that it may be too good to be true, but we called the office and set up an appointment for that afternoon to meet with a sales agent. She was very polite and patient with all of our naïve questions, as this whole process was completely foreign to us. She was fairly new to the Hartland Homes team at that point but was very knowledgeable about the building process and any questions she could not answer she sought outside assistance and provided us with prompt answers to all of our questions. She has made the entire process easier for us being first time homebuyers by essentially holding our hands every step of the way, from choosing a lot and a floor plan, to meeting with the lender, to helping us pick out the color of the cabinets. We often came up with questions around 8 o’clock at night and she returns our call with an answer yet that same night. We appreciate every thing that she has done for us thus far, and have no question that she will provide this same great quality of service into the future. For anyone purchasing their first home on a modest budget we would highly recommend looking into a Hartland Home before settling for something that is too small, or you will be pouring every last dollar into every month to “fix it up”. We were actually able to afford more home by choosing Hartland Homes due to their programs with local lenders involving Hartland Homes paying your closing costs for you. Thank you Hartland Homes.
– Aaron & Sarah D.

Our hats go off to our Sales Representative and Hartland Homes. After looking at several rental houses, we decided to stop by one of the show homes. She was so friendly, positive, and helpful—not pushy—We decided buying was the only way to go. We then decided to shop around and after looking at so many homes, we found ourselves back with Hartland Homes. Unsure of what we wanted, our representative was so patient and took a lot of time to show us several floor plans and many homes. I must have drove her half crazy with all my questions! She never gave us an answer she wasn’t sure of; if she wasn’t 100% sure she was on the phone to get us the right answer. She has been by our side from day one and her service did not stop on our closing day. She continued to check with us to be sure we have no problems, warranty issues or more questions. Thanks to her and Hartland Homes we now have a beautiful new home to be very proud of! I would definitely recommend Hartland Homes to anyone interested in a new home!
Laura and Chris S.

I wanted to take a moment to let you know that I have been more than pleased with the service we’ve received from you. Everyone has been very helpful and answered any questions we have had. Our Sales Representative has been there to help us whenever we’ve needed her, which is often. Being first-time home owners we were somewhat nervous and confused on the process of things involved, but having her there to answer our questions and help us has made things easy and low-stress. The 10 year warranty Hartland Homes offers has also helped us feel security in what we’re doing. Our home is set to be done in December and we are very excited. It has been a great experience so far. Everything has been simple, quick, and pleasant. I would, based on my experience so far, recommend a Hartland Home to anyone. Thanks.
– Jamie S.

We are currently beginning construction on our second home with Hartland Homes. It was because of the excellent service and care they have provided us that we chose to build with them again. To start, the home owners warranty provided to us with our home has proven to serve us well. When we moved in to our first home in 2002, there were a couple of minor flaws. We called Hartland Homes and spoke to the people in charge of our warranty and the flaws were fixed within 72 hours of us moving in to our new home. In this day in age, fast quality service such as this is a rare occurrence. As mentioned above, there were very few flaws in our home, thus showing the quality Hartland Homes provides. We are very pleased with the materials and workmanship Hartland Homes puts in their homes. We are also very happy with the businesses they choose to provide such things as appliances, cabinets and flooring, as well as sod. When we began looking into another home, Hartland Homes immediately came to mind because of the excellent service provided by their agents. Our agent has been a fabulous person to work with. She has always been willing to take the time to answer all our questions and address our concerns. Although she is handling a number of clients at once, she has always gone above and beyond the call when it came to finding time in her schedule for us. Lastly, she has a very cheerful disposition, making the process less stressful for us all. After comparing prices, quality, and service of many builders, we would definitely recommend Hartland Homes for anyone building. There are several floor plans to choose from creating an opportunity for all types of income and needs. Above all, the service and honesty portrayed by the agents is outstanding. We look forward to moving into our new home soon.
Eric and Dawn N.

We had been looking into purchasing a used home for over a year but could not find anything of interest to us. We decided to go to Hartland Homes to check out one of their model homes. We were impressed with the model home. The Sales Specialist was very helpful and energetic. We were so impressed with what we saw in the model home that we decided that this is what we had been looking for in a home. What we also liked was the idea of choosing our lot. The process of building the house allowed us to choose the colors, finishes, flooring, cabinets, etc. We were impressed by the quality and service that we received from Hartland Homes.
– Terri M. & Jeff A.

Dear Mr. Hartman: I want you to know about my experience with your company. Where can I start? How about my WONDERFUL real estate agent. Any questions I had—no matter how big or small—she was able to answer them or find a solution. I am very happy with my house and am very thankful to you and your company and all the staff from Hartland Homes for making my dream of owning my own home come true. Never in a million years did I ever think it would happen. The quality of home is superior. The quality of Hartland Home’s staff is also superior. They made my experience of buying a home as stress free as possible. They took their time to go over everything with me and answer all questions. So far, I really haven’t run into any problems with my new house. I like that my electric bills have been way lower than any rental property that I’ve ever lived in. The warranties seem to be very good as well. In a heartbeat I would purchase another Hartland Home as well as refer anyone that I know to you… God Bless you all and Thank you for my BEAUTIFUL HOME!
– Deborah A. B.

Dear Mr. Hartman: My husband and I began this road to Hartland Homes actually as a last effort. We had previously placed bids on two other homes, which we lost the bids to at the last minute. We were distraught and sadden by the lost of the bids and more important, the choice of house within our price range. My mother, Charlie Moore, suggested again that we visit your model homes. She kept telling us, ‘Go to Duane. He has great programs. He will be able to get you a home.’ We thought, ‘what could we lose?’ So began the road to purchase a home from Hartland Homes. Our Sales Representative was very informative and knowledgeable when speaking to us. She gave suggestions and ideas that helped us get the most out of our home with the amount of money we wanted to spend. What you must understand is that we have six children and need a lot of space. She made a point to make sure that we utilized as much space as possible to achieve the floor plan and space that we needed. And space we found! And in addition to that, we needed a special room for my husband who collected 70’s memorabilia! So she helped us come up with the best floor plan for the basement to accommodate our needs. And we are thankful for her help. She never gave up, came up with ideas, and listened to our suggestions. Now that’s customer service. What I appreciated is that even when we didn’t have an appointment and stopped by, she made time for us. Of course, we found out that your model homes are very busy places and learned a valuable lesson—make an appointment. As a woman, I was very particular with what I wanted in our home, as I’m sure most women are. And with our large family, I had to think about the floor plan and how that would work with our family. She was patient with me, and went over and over every detailed item with me. I looked at so many floor plans, I knew the base price of the homes by heart! We finally decided on the Laredo. Of course, I changed the floor plan just a little to accommodate us. And I have almost memorized your price list for your options! And yes, she endured my craziness and not once made me feel like I was a bother. Most companies treat you like a number; she actually treated us like friends. Now that sells a home! Word of mouth is the most powerful advertisement. We are forever grateful to God for having a company like yours, Mr. Hartman that is actually there for families like ours. It is a blessing that your company has so many wonderful programs that allows families to obtain a new home. Also, I wanted to say that we have met some of the other sales representatives/realtors at some of the other model homes. And all have been equally as nice. In a world that is not so personable, you and your staff made us feel like we were your neighbors.
Cecilia C.-B. & Terry B.

My experience with Hartland Homes was exceptional. At age 25, I was tired of renting, yet not sure if I could afford a house, let alone build a new house. I knew after my first visit with Rob Conway that I wanted to build a Hartland Home. I really enjoyed designing my house. The choices were excellent. Watching the progress of my home being built was so exciting. Hartland Homes always had answers to all my questions and took time to talk to me about my concerns. My dream came true in August, when I moved into my new house. Without Hartland Homes, I would still be renting.
– Michelle H.

We’ve been pleased with the service we’ve received from Hartland, both during the sale and since we’ve owned our home. Our Sales specialist was very knowledgeable, friendly and helpful during the sale. She answered all our questions and provided us with suggestions when we were trying to make decisions. Andy has been very helpful recently. Even though we’ve owned our home for several years now, we recently needed a replacement piece for an item we broke. He order the piece for us and even personally delivered it for us the night before Thanksgiving! Thanks!
– Tammy and Ben G.

If it wasn’t for Hartland Homes, we would probably be still throwing our money away in renting apartments. Thanks to Hartland, we could build an affordable house with little money down. One day we decided to stop in and talk to a sales specialist out of curiosity, the next thing we knew we were building a new home. It was just that easy. We got to choose the lot we wanted, the house we wanted, with the options we wanted with a new home warranty. Now our money goes towards owning a home, not renting. For us working with our Sales Specialist for Hartland was an enjoyable experience we won’t forget.
– Ted P. & Sherri B.

Sales and service prompted us to buy a second home from Hartland Homes. Our sales representative was construction wise and his knowledge of financing help us to get our dream home.
– Mark and Tracy H.

We moved into our Hartland Home three years ago. Both my husband and I are very happy with our home and glad we made the choice to go with a new house. We had an excellent sales person that was very helpful in our decisions and the changes we wanted. She was very “up front” about feasibility of changes and additional costs. We also greatly appreciate the service after we moved in for minor repairs or adjustments that were needed.
– Melva H.

Since moving into our new Hartland Home in November, 1994, we have been completely satisfied with our house. The house itself is structurally sound and was built with pride. I know this because my father and father-in-law are both contractors and they overlooked the building process. The sales staff was more than helpful and courteous all the way through; start to finish. We would most definitely build with Hartland Homes again.
– Ron and Cheri K.

We just wanted to thank you for a job well done! We love our new Hartland Home. Even though it was a long process with lots of changes and special requests we really appreciate professionalism and willingness to help us achieve the look that we wanted. Not only do we get compliments from our family and friends, even strangers stop to say they “love our house.” That says a lot to us, and about Hartland Homes. Please thank Duane, Kuper and the rest of your staff and crew for us.
– Terry P.

From the outset, our dealings with Hartland Homes have been more than we expected. Our sales person was very patient with us, very helpful, and worked with us to get the home we wanted. Since we closed, Hartland folks have been over to ensure that everything was just the way we wanted it. We couldn’t be more pleased.
– Woody S.

You sold myself and my family a home just about 1 year ago. We bought an El Paso. I am only writing you to thank you again for all that you did. We have had no problems with our home and we love it very much. We didn’t think it would ever happen and you made Todd and my dream come true. Thank you very much!
– Michelle M.

Hartland Homes