Why Hartland Homes?

Hartland Homes, a locally owned company, has built over 2400 homes in and around the Lincoln area since 1984. At Hartland Homes we believe everyone should have the opportunity to own a brand new home. That is why we build high quality, affordable entry level homes. When Hartland Homes builds your brand new home, we build it with experience, knowledge and stability.

What makes us different

Hartland Homes is a large volume builder. Because of the number of homes we build, our suppliers can give us discounts on materials. Other builders, who may build ten houses a year, do not receive the kind of discounts we do.

How does that help you, the home buyer? Hartland Homes passes those savings on to you!

You may wonder how Hartland Homes grew so large. One of the reasons is that Hartland Homes develops our own neighborhoods. We do not have to rely on another developer to sell us home sites. We have complete control over the layout, the number of home sites, the size of the home sites and everything else that goes into a new neighborhood.

How does that help you, the home buyer? By developing our own neighborhoods, Hartland Homes eliminates one step, the outside developer, who tacks their profit onto the home sites other builders are forced to buy. Have you heard the saying “We eliminate the middleman”? At Hartland Homes, we DO eliminate the middleman!

How else does Hartland Homes save you money when you buy your home from us?

When you build a Hartland Home in one of our developments, we pay your closing costs (up to 2% of the purchase price)! That saves you an average of $2500.

Hartland Homes allows you to do work agreements which enable you to “work off” part of your down payment.

The Sales Specialists that work for Hartland Homes are specially trained to help you apply for an Impact Fee rebate from the City of Lincoln. We provide you with the proper paperwork to fill out and if you qualify, you could receive up to $4685 to decrease your down payment!

All our homes are so energy efficient that FHA and VA financing actually allows you to borrow more when buying our home versus another. All our homes are FHA and VA approved! Many used homes won’t pass a VA/FHA inspection. Additionally, many builders won’t build to FHA and VA specifications. We use maintenance free Integrity Windows by Marvin with low-e glass, which are more efficient than standard windows. As a matter of fact, many of our homeowners tell us their utility bills are lower than when they lived in an apartment!

Hartland Homes