Celebrate National Good Neighbor Day 9-28-18

Celebrate National Good Neighbor Day 9-28-18

Today is National Good Neighbor Day.  This holiday was enacted to honor neighbors who were helping to build strong, thriving communities.  In general, this refers to volunteerism in the communities in which we live.  But it also applies to our own small neighborhoods.

Did you know that the simple act of getting to know your neighbors makes your neighborhood safer!  It’s true!  According to the article, “Social Benefits of Homeownership and Stable Housing” written by Lawrence Yun, Ph.D. and Nadia Evangelou, stable housing is a key factor in lower crime rates.  People who own their homes, live in them longer than people who are renting, due to various reasons.  During that time, the homeowners get to know others in the neighborhood who also live there for several years.  These extensive social ties makes it easier to recognize a criminal in the neighborhood and it also makes it more likely the neighbor will call the police or try to deter the crime.  Finally, homeowners have more to lose financially than the renter, so they have more incentive to find ways to prevent the crime.  (ie:  neighborhood watch, security systems)

So celebrate Good Neighbor Day, go outside and talk to your neighbors!

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