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Friday, October 27, 2006

1027_01Today, October 27th, an amazing occurrence happened. We the Machacek & Fullerton families were chosen to be on Extreme Makeover: Home Edition! When Ty and the design team finally arrived there were SO many emotions. Tears of happiness, joy and wonder! Ty was knocked down by the six foot infant Justin, but yet Preston, Pauline, Tracey and John were right there for hugs and congrats! It was such a surprise to all of us, that even now we are all still in shock! Yet, after making sure everyone was still alive and breathing they gave us the greatest surprise of all—our fabulous trip to PARIS!!!

1027_02We were whisked off to the airport after hurrying to pack, and our first flight was cramped because it was a small plane and delayed 20 minutes! When we arrived in Detroit for our connection we had to run full speed to the other side of the terminal to catch our plane!  The second plane—that would take us over the Atlantic—was much nicer! We got to watch our own movies and sleep a lot more. When we landed in Paris we barely knew it!

Our first impression of Paris was that it was very different. They drive small mini cars and drive crazy and speak a different language. The city however is beautiful. There is so much to see and do that we hit the ground running. Today we actually saw the Eiffel Tower—up close because our hotel—Hilton Paris, is RIGHT beside the tower and our room looks out over the tower!! We also managed to see Notre Dame and a few other things as well. We also got to eat in our very first Parisian cafe! There is so much here to do, we don’t know if we’ll manage it all. I can’t wait to see what tomorrow brings!

Ciao for now!
The Machacek/Fullertons!


 Monday, October 30, 2006

1030_03Today was the second day of our Parisian vacation! The day started with a beautiful train ride through the French countryside out to the Chateau de Versailles! When we arrived we took a tour and saw just how Louis the 14th and Marie Antoinette lived. It was so extravagant and beautiful, its hard to describe, we’ve have never seen anything like it! Mom and Dad were moved to tears inside Louis’ private chapel and Mom was in awe over the incredible gardens that seem to go one forever.

1030_01Following a great lunch out at the Chateau, we went back into the city and headed over to the Arch de Triumphe. Completed in 1836, it was built on Napoleon’s request as a memorial to his Guard Army. We went to the top and had incredible views of the city; it was perfect, right at sunset! From up there you could see everything. When we finished our tour of the Arch, we went shopping for a while on the Champs-Elysées. That avenue is incredible and beautiful with all the lights and great shops!

All and all it was a very busy day, but exciting. We can’t wait to see what tomorrow has in store!

The Fullerton/Machacek’s


Tuesday, October 31, 2006

1031_02Today was the third day of our family vacation in Paris! The film crew from “Extreme Makeover:Home Edition” showed up today with all the camera equipment. Our producer, Herb, knew Paris inside out and quickly had us running ALL over the city seeing and enjoying all the amazing sites! He took us first up to the Montmartre, a very bohemian and artistic area of Paris. Known for such landmarks as the Moulin Rouge and the Sacre-Coeur. The Sacre-Couer is a beautiful cathedral which overlooks all of Paris and surrounding the church are little squares filled with artist painting and selling their works!

After our visit to the Montemarte, we went to visit the Louvre Museum. Formerly the palace of French Royalty, there is no way of describing the size and scope of the building or its beauty. Inside are rooms and rooms of Art. We didn’t have a lot of time here today, so we’ll be back to see more Wednesday!

The day was blessed with perfect weather that lit the city with a warm glow. We window shopped along the Champs-Elysees and saw many amazing stores. After shopping we enjoyed a great meal on Blvd. St. Germain and ate outdoors on the sidewalk! We have been trying many new flavors and customs of the city, but the families favorite has become Lemon in our Coca-Cola!

We arrived back at the hotel after Herb’s wildwind tour filled with many new memories! When we arrived we were met with some awesome new surprises which will be revealed in our show when it airs! We are looking forward to seeing what the rest of the week has in store!

The Fullerton/Machacek’s


 Wednesday, November 1, 2006

1101_02Today is the 4th day of our vacation and it was an amazing day! It started with a surprise phone call last night actually from Ty! He said that since Kenny and I were engaged and we were in the most romantic city in the world—why not get married! We said yes, and he said he had everything taken care of—including the ring! It’s the most beautiful ring I could ever have dreamed of.

Today started out with the family watching the demolition video that Ty sent of out home being destroyed! IT was bittersweet—all the memories going away to make room for new memories! The kids really enjoyed watching the designers have fun with the destruction.

After the video, the Extreme crew took the girls and I wedding dress shopping. We went to a very elite part of Paris to a store called Pronuptia de Paris. Once I was there, I was allowed to pick any dress I wanted. I felt like a princess being treated this way! The choices were amazing and I found the most breath-taking dress I ever dreamed of. I felt blessed as it was here I became the beautiful bride I always dreamed of being.

1101_03Once everyone was ready for the event we were taken to the location…a private YACHT on the Seine River! I was going to be married in front of the Eiffel Tower! Now I knew I was having the wedding of a lifetime and all my dreams were coming true. As I walked out on deck and I saw my soul-mate before me I fell in love all over again. And the children there all looking so beautiful, it truly was a dream come true! There was even a surprise during the wedding—which I will keep to myself!

The people of Paris cheered for us from the banks of the river and the bridges and we waived and proclaimed we were finally one!

The night was capped off by an incredible dinner at a river side restaurant called La Plage—it was fabulous! Not one detail was missed—the Extreme crew really out did themselves this time!

It has not been taken for granted that every detail of our dreams have unfolded right before our eyes, and we are humbled by that fact! With each new day we will forever remember how blessed we have been to be given these dreams!

The Machachek Family

Thursday, November 2, 2006

1102_01Today was is our last full day in Paris. We slept in from a very exciting and fun-filled Wedding the night before! We woke up this morning ONE family! We started our day going back to the Eiffel Tower and going up to see views of our new favorite city. It was so clear you could see for miles!

Next we decided to go back to one of our favorite areas we had visited which was the Montemarte! There are endless little shops and galleries and some great bistros.

1102_02I (Kenny) wanted one thing when I heard we were coming to Paris, and that was a portrait of Teresa. We found a great artist and he painted the most beautiful picture of my love! We also decided to have all the kids painted as well and they turned out great! And Chelsey took some cool pictures of us getting painted and some great sunset shots of Paris. We shopped until we dropped and had a fantastic lunch at a little place up on the hill by the Sacre-Coeur. The kids all found Parisian souvenirs and it was a great day.

1102_03We returned back to our home away from home at the Hilton Paris, which again couldn’t be any closer to the Eiffel Tower unless you were staying on the tower! We had a great meal filled with laughter and joking with the film crew, and Chelsey choking, but don’t worry she is FINE. (long story). We ended the evening and went to our rooms to pack and prepare for our trip home, filled with sadness and excitement for what’s in store the next few days!

The Machachek Family


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