About the Family

The Machacek & Fullerton Family


Although Kenny and Teresa went to the same high school, they never knew each other. They graduated and went on with their lives, not knowing what fate would have in store for them. Teresa moved to California where she met her late husband and began her family. Kenny married a woman and began his family. As the years went by both marriages deteriorated, both ending in divorce and since then Teresa’s ex-husband has passed away. Over twenty years after high school Teresa moved back to Lincoln with her three kids and that’s when Kenny and Teresa FINALLY met and realized they had found their soul mates.

Kenny and Teresa desperately want to be married and create one big family—the only obstacle in their way is lack of space. They do not have a home large enough for them all to live together. For the last four years they have been splitting their time between Kenny’s very cramped house and Teresa’s even more cramped apartment. They have looked into the possibility of selling Kenny’s house to buy a bigger one, however, there are serious foundation problems with Kenny’s home making that option impossible.

Machacek Family

Kenneth (the father) 42, Ericka (daughter) 18, Justin (son) 14

Fullerton Family

Theresa (Fullerton) Yaunk (mother) 42, Bo-Ashley (daughter) 17, Chelsea (daughter) 16, Tucker (son) 14

“Thank You Lincoln!” from the family

November 10, 2006

The Machacek/Fullerton family would like to say “Thank You” to everyone who participated in the miracle that took place at 6825 Platte Ave. on November 3, 2006. We realize there are so many people and businesses involved with this project and we hope and pray this message reaches all of you. We thank Duane and Betty Hartman for their endless generosity. Hartland Homes for undertaking such an enormous venture and working with so many other contractors to make this project come together. To all the subcontractors and their crew members, we “Thank You” so much for all of your tireless efforts (sometimes under extreme conditions) to all work together and create, not just a new house, but a HOME for our family!

We have received letters and messages of well wishes, but also thank you’s for the experience others came away with by being involved with this project. Companies and competitors working side-by-side, normally not acknowledging each other in the past. Yet, after coming together for a common goal, have gained new friendships because of this experience. It warms our hearts to know so many have gained so much from all of this… in addition to what we as a family have gained.

To all the hundreds of volunteers who somehow, someway made their contributions to the project and to the hundreds who volunteered but were unable to participate, we “Thank You.” We have heard some of your stories and look forward to hearing more as time passes. Each and everyone of you are our heroes and you inspire us in human kindness. You gave in any capacity you could. No amount of giving or doing is too small or too grand. It took a community to make a miracle happen and we will be forever grateful to each and everyone of you.

To the countless businesses and organizations that have given donations on our behalf, your generosity overwhelms us! How does “Thank You” say how we feel? Please know our gratitude is enormous and we can never express deeply enough how kind your giving is. Again, “Thank You”, we are very humbled.

To our wonderful neighbors, “Thank You” for enduring the disruption-of-a-lifetime as we received a gift-of-a-lifetime. We know it was not an easy experience; however, you have welcomed us back with open arms and our bond is now closer than ever. To our family and friends, “Thank You” for your support and guidance through this entire process. You helped us in so many ways, we love you all!

Last but not least, “Thank You” to ABC for hearing our story and caring about our situation enough to consider us. The journey you put us on has been life changing and you granted us a second chance. We will, as a family, be forever grateful for the new life you have granted us. You have brought two families together and we now are living in our dream. Our miracle came true because of you! Thank you for believing in us.

With our deepest, heartfelt gratitude, “Thank You!”

The Machacek/Fullerton Family,
Kenny, Teresa, Ericka, Brianna, Chelsey, Justin and Tucker


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