Hartland Homes Builds House for Extreme Makeover

Hartland Homes Builds House for Extreme Makeover

In October 2006, Hartland Homes along with the community of Lincoln, built a home for the Extreme Makeover: Home Edition show.  Click on the Extreme Makeover icon to see the website and re-experience the event of a lifetime!

Below is a letter we received from Kenny and Teresa Machacek one year after the build.

“Rock solid from the foundation to the shingle at the highest peak that’s what our Hartland home is and remember our home was built in just over 100 hours, not months, but hours. The key to this unbelievable build is the ability of Hartland Homes to assemble the finest contractors in the Lincoln and surrounding areas and coordinate all their responsibilities to complete this build under record time restrictions. Not to mention having to comply with the needs of the filming crew from ABC. Our home has all the quality construction of a home that would have taken months to build. We daily pause and reflect on what an incredible experience this was for us, Hartland Homes and the Lincoln community.

We are the lucky ones and are grateful that we have met so many wonderful people along the way in this past year, many of which who are with Hartland Homes. Out of 91 homes built by Extreme Makeover Home Edition to date our build had the 4th shortest “punch list”.  Hartland Homes responded quickly to complete our list. We know that our home is built with the highest of quality materials and labor both. We are proud to live in such a beautiful home.”

Duane & Betty thank you so much for everything.

-Kenny & Teresa Fullerton/Machacek family

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