National Cut Your Energy Costs Day

National Cut Your Energy Costs Day

Today is National Cut Your Energy Costs Day! At Hartland Homes we build energy savings into every home! 1) We use efficient natural gas furnaces and water heaters. Did you know that gas water heaters use half the energy of the electric ones? 2) We use energy efficient Integrity Windows which help reduce your utility bills. 3) Our 2 x 6 construction makes the walls thicker than the standard 2 x 4 construction and makes more room for more insulation which in turn helps you save money on your energy bill. 4) Hartland Homes now offers the Brilliant Smart Home system.  This includes a programmable thermostat and control of your lights from anywhere on your phone app.  5)  Everything is new so not only is the house built “tighter” than an older one but it has more efficient appliances too!  One way to cut energy costs is when your old appliance dies, to upgrade with a new more energy efficient model.

Energy efficient homes is just another way that Hartland Homes makes building a home more affordable.  Many of our customers tell us that their home which is bigger than what they were living in has lower utility bills.  Lower energy bills equal more money for other bills and savings.


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